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Rotary Donates to Special Project for The Midland Theater Foundation

Updated: May 21, 2018

TUESDAY APRIL 24, 2018 | The Rotary Club of Coffeyville presented a donation to The Midland Theater Foundation for a restoration project on the historic theater located in downtown Coffeyville.

“On behalf of the entire board, I want to sincerely thank Coffeyville Rotary for their donation and ongoing support of our effort’s to renovate and revitalize The Midland Theater & Event Center,” said Lisa Brookover, President of the Board of Directors of The Midland Theater Foundation.

The Midland Theater is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places as well as The Register of Historic Kansas Places. This donation will be specifically used to restore the theater’s ticket booth to historical standards.

The board has been working with Heckman & Associates of Independence to design architectural renderings, construction plans and drawings to renovate The Midland Theater & Event Center. “When Coffeyville Rotary approached us to help with a specific renovation project, we immediately thought of the ticket booth,” said Jim Criswell, Board Member of The Midland Theater Foundation. “The ticket booth is a very visible piece of the theater—when the community sees construction beginning outside of the theater, it will definitely create some buzz around our recent efforts!”

The Rotary Club of Coffeyville’s donation was made possible through “Mardi Gras,” their annual fundraising party. The event, held each year in February, raised more than $20,000 for local charities.

Midland Theater Foundation accepts donation from Rotary Club of Coffeyville
The Midland Theater Foundation was present at the Awards Luncheon to accept the donation from the Rotary Club of Coffeyville.

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