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The Midland Theater & Event Center



This business plan has been created to provide both a directional tool for current and future board members to use throughout the renovation and operation of The Midland Theater & Event Center as well as an informational document to provide detailed project data to potential funding agencies, organizations, and individuals. This document includes historical information, data, and financials to ensure that all interested parties can have a full picture of what has been done, what should be done, and how the facility will be operated once the renovation is complete. The board of The Midland Theater & Event Center welcomes you to join us as we work together to accomplish the vision of this project.                  

"To provide a location that promotes economic development and tourism in downtown Coffeyville in order for both residents and visitors to have quality experience that enrich, educate, and entertain." 


This plan outlines the detailed steps necessary to complete the renovation and begin full operations of The Midland Theater & Event Center. The Midland Foundation Board of Directors has worked tirelessly to put together a strong action plan to accomplish this goal, and is ready to begin the implementation phase of this planning process through regular fundraising events, sponsorships, and membership drives. However, to better understand the process that this project must undergo, the board has outlined several quantifiable objectives that will need to be accomplished in order to truly achieve this vision.

  • Repair and renovate The Midland Theater so that it is safe and secure for patrons

  • Generate architectural and development plans for a full renovation, keeping in mind the historical design and use of the facility, band bring the theater into ADA compliance so that all patrons of the facility can be accomodated

  • Establish The Midland Theater as the anchor for downtown historic, entertainment, shopping and dining district of Coffeyville

  • Reinvigorate our community, specifically the downtown district, by providing an events center that includes a historic theater and an adjoining event center with multiple multi-use meeting rooms and conference spaces, so that multiple organizations can host tourism and business-based conferences, meetings, and events

  • Generate stable funding sources to support the renovation and long-term operation of the facility

For a copy of our business plan contact

Project Overview:

The Midland Theater Foundation Board of Directors has written an extensive business plan and worked directly with architects to define our projects of development:

Project 1: Secure the Shell

Completed 2020

Protects the building from elements by tuckpointing, repairing front doors, windows, replacing back doors, replacing fire escape, repairing marquee roof and back of parapet on front of roof.

Project 2: Front of the House

Completed 2024

​Ticket booth, foyer, concession area, stairs, ballroom, mezzanine family restrooms, walls and area ceiling, east and west exterior offices.

Project 3: Backstage

Talent nights, improv theater, open mic and night club events, traveling performance groups, rehearsals, lessons, art shows, book reviews/readings.

Project 4: Open the Auditorium

Movies, plays, concerts, Ted Talks, streaming events, dinner theater, large public gatherings for auditorium style events.

Project 5: Full Event Support

This project brings enhanced updates to technology and amenities for guests and performers. 

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