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Support The Midland Theater today! Your generosity will ensure the theater is renovated and available to the community now and for years to come. Please give in any way you can — your tax-deductible contribution will help restore The Midland Theater.

The Midland Theater is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 corporation and is listed on the State and National Historic Register. The theater is entirely funded by donations from organizations, businesses, & individuals just like you.


The Midland Theater thrives with the vital support of volunteers who donate hundreds of hours of their time each year. Consider volunteering your time to support the foundation initiatives.

The Midland Theater has received numerous donations throughout the years and we would like to acknowledge those organizations, businesses, & individuals. It is through our past donors that we are able to plan for the future. 


Small business owners are encouraged and welcome to join this one-of-a-kind campaign. This campaign was built as an affordable fundraising effort for small business owners to become involved with restoration efforts. 

Join the effort to restore The Midland Theater with the Take-A-Seat program. Participants receive a personalized seat plaque that will remain in place in perpetuity, a reminder of your participation in this historic renovation.

The Midland Theater hosts fundraisers throughout the year that helps us to keep our foundation operational and the building maintained.

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