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Take-A-Seat! Campaign


Join the exciting renovation and restoration of The Midland Theater & Event Center with our relaunch of the Take-A-Seat program. Participants receive a personalized seat plaque with the naming of their choice. Your plaque will remain in place in perpetuity, a lovely reminder of your participation in this historic renovation.


By participating in the Take-A-Seat program, you will be joining a group who has come together to revitalize and restore this historic theater. 



  1. To commemorate your family’s history in the area. 

  2. To memorialize or honor a loved one, classmate, or friend.

  3. For business owners to recognize a current or past valued employee, or the company itself—providing marketing opportunity and recognition of involvement.

  4. To support economic growth and diversification of the community.

  5. To stand side-by-side with other community leaders and individuals who are committed to supporting The Midland Theater & Event Center.


Orchestra  $500/seat  •  Rear Lower  $300/seat  •  Balcony  $300/seat



Seat naming assignments will be based on the order of donor commitment. All seat selections are subject to availability, unless otherwise instructed we will select the seat for you. Should you wish to select your seat, contact the Midland as soon as possible as the seating selection will continue to change as the campaign progresses. To review the most up-to-date version of our seating diagram, please contact The Midland Theater Foundation



Please use the Take-A-Seat pledge card to fill out important details, including contact information, plaque personalization details, seat selection, and payment information.


We encourage interested participants to contact The Midland Theater Foundation at any time by calling 901.501.6832 or emailing us at   


Do you have additional questions regarding our Take-A-Seat program? Review answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. 

What do I actually get when I make a gift to the Take-A-Seat program? 

Participants receive a personalized plaque with the naming of their choice on each seat purchased. 


How does the foundation plan to revive or relaunch this fundraising campaign? 

The foundation is 100% committed to honoring all prior participants of the Take-A-Seat program. If you have any questions on this aspect, please contact us directly.


What will be on my plaque?

You may choose to place your own name on your plaque, or you may wish to honor a loved one. 


Where will my plaque be placed? 

Your engraved plaque will be placed on the back of the seat, easily visible to others. 


May I choose the actual seat or row for my plaque?

You may choose or we will do so for you. Either way seat and row assignments will be based on the order of donor commitment. 

Will the seat I name become my seat for the actual performance? 

Take-A-Seat program features naming opportunities and does not include reserved seating at future events. 


Does my contribution include tickets for any events?

Take-A-Seat program is a naming opportunity and does not include tickets for any future events.


Is my contribution tax deductible?

The Midland Theater Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and all contributions are fully tax deductible.


Does my donation have to be made in a single payment? 

A down payment of half the amount must be made upon purchase. The balance must be made within six months of receipt of the initial payment. 


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept checks, credit card payments, stocks and bonds, and estate gifts. 

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