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Completion of The Midland Theater & Event Center (MTEC) will be achieved through a “Fund-Build-Use” approach. The Midland Theater Foundation has identified a series of six projects designed to open a specific area of MTEC upon completion of each project. Project One: Secure the Shell has been successfully completed in 2020 through a combination of private donations and The Heritage Trust Fund grant by The Kansas Historical Society.



Project Two: The Front of the House is the second within the series of six projects. The scope of this project includes replacing and relocating the main electrical panel, updating both restrooms to family style restrooms, patching and plastering repairs to the ballroom walls and ceiling, repairing the ballroom floor, patching and painting walls in the lobby and foyer, renovating the ticket booth and concession stand, painting stair handrails and carpeting the foyer, stairs and second floor mezzanine. This project also includes renovation of the two external offices of the Midland.



Completion of Project Two will allow use of the updated and renovated space at the “front of the house” including the ticket booth, lobby, and concession stand on the first floor and the ballroom, restrooms, mezzanine, and storage rooms on the second floor, allowing for community events that will attract people to our downtown business district and contribute to

the economy. Both of the exterior offices will become useful once again with the east office as The Midland Theater Foundation’s business office while the west office will become rental space providing additional revenue for future projects.



Opening up the Front of the House is pivotal in building momentum and excitement as the doors to the iconic Midland Theater will once again open. Upgrading the electrical wiring and public restrooms as well as restoring the ballroom will enable the use of the front portion of the building and generate buzz around future projects. Project Two will serve a diverse and often under-resourced community with entertainment, educational and cultural programming, including visual and performance art exhibits and live entertainment. The ballroom will become a gathering place and provide a venue for a variety

of foundational programs including Ted Talks, live streaming, and lessons for children in dance and theater.


Donations may be made directly to The Midland Theater Foundation by way of The Coffeyville Area Community Foundation (pledge cards available upon request). Naming rights for individuals, families, memorials, and companies are available, please contact us for more information.

Make checks payable to The Midland Theater Foundation, Inc. (Note: Capital Project Fund). Mail checks to either of the following addresses or donate online with The Coffeyville Area Community Foundation (it's quick and easy).

Coffeyville Area Community Foundation

PO Box 635  |  Coffeyville, KS 67337

The Midland Theater Foundation

PO Box 545  |  Coffeyville, KS 67337

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