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Construction Begins!

This is news we want to shout from the rooftops!

Construction is beginning August 1 on the Front of the House project of the Midland Theater renovation. Decker Construction of Coffeyville has been awarded the contract.

This project will renovate the lobby and concession area on the first floor and add two ADA accessible restrooms. The stairs to the second floor, the mezzanine and ballroom as well as essential backstage work which includes extensive electrical improvements and rebuilding access to the lower levels under the stage. The total cost of this project is $612,828.

“Bids for the Front of the House went out in January,” Midland Theater Foundation Board President Darrel Harbaugh said. “Due to the increasing costs of building materials the bids were much higher than anticipated.” The building committee spent the next several months working with architect, John Heckman of Echelon Arch + Design, to reduce the scope of work and rebid the project.

At the same time the fundraising committee continued their work. A timely grant received from the Willard and Pat Walker Charitable Foundation allowed the Midland project to move forward. “The Walker donation made the difference in being able to proceed with this phase,” said Harbaugh. “We are not able to include the second-floor restrooms and offices as originally planned, however.” According to Harbaugh, these two areas will be added back to the project if funds are received before the construction is completed. Fundraising is also underway for the backstage and the theater portion of the renovation.

Decker Construction has indicated the project will take approximately seven months. Once completed the renovated areas will be open and available for use for meetings and events.

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