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Charter Donor Program Attracts Both Current and Former Residents Who Want to Give Back

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

The Midland Charter Donor program is an important part of the Midland Theater Capital Campaign. It offers an opportunity for individuals and businesses to participate at a $10,000 donation level to help jump start one of three remaining theater renovation projects that comprise the entire Midland Theater Capital Campaign.

Based on a four project Fund-Build-Use strategy, the intention is to remain debt free when the doors open. This is being done by funding each of the projects through a targeted strategy and large outreach to businesses, residents and former residents. Co-Championed by Peggy Steele and Rick Thompson, the Charter Donor program offers a path to make a significant difference for the Midland and historic downtown.

“Coffeyville has produced an amazing number of people who, while living away, still have deep attachments to the experiences of growing up here. Many of our successful former residents want to see progress and are able to step up and give back to a town that gave them the education, support, and life skills that made them successful. The Charter Donor program is an important way to give back and open the Midland as a catalyst for downtown serving as a repurposed entertainment, educational, and community hub,” said Steele.

Charter donations provide the foundation for attracting a broad base of funding for each project while demonstrating community support. Both are critical in obtaining grants and attracting match challenges.

The Charter Donor designation is given to those individuals and organizations that have contributed a minimum of $10,000 to the Midland Theater Foundation Capital Campaign within a specified timeframe or for a designated project.

Donor recognition specific to that project will include a permanent listing with each charter donor’s preferred name or logo on a plaque to be located in the designated project area as it is completed. Additional recognition will be given in media, programs, and at selected events. Each charter donor will identify the designation for that donation which may be a name, logo, memorial, honorarium, or anonymous.

No professional fundraisers have been retained, therefore,100% of charter donations go directly to support the Midland Capital Campaign. The Midland Theater Foundation is working with The Coffeyville Area Community Foundation (CACF) to provide both on-line and traditional check or stock transfer services. Donations are tax deductible. Both organizations are designated as 501c3 non-profit entities.

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